Holiday Gift Favorites Collaboration

Hello dolls and Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their holidays.

If you pay attention you will realize every gift tells a story. In a way gifts that are given to you reveal how the gift giver feels about you. That is why I felt the need to share my favorite gifts. I truly felt that the gifts I received exceeded my expectations because they were so thoughtful and creative.  Since I was so happy with my gifts I was inspired to reach out to two of my favorite bloggers and find out about their Holiday gifts and why they loved them as well.

I hope you enjoy reading about my holiday favorite gifts along with two of my favorite bloggers.

Here are my top gifts:

2015-01-04 04.50.27

2015-01-04 04.55.07

2015-01-04 04.57.57

2015-01-04 05.01.56

The  straw boater hat with lace and the small structured bag are vintage collectable pieces from the 1940s were given to me by my boyfriend. The semi precious stone necklace is a handmade piece from my friend and local designer Doreentii Fersola. Those amazing Sam Eldemen Booties were given to me from my parents. My last favorite is a dress form given to me by my aunts.

Here are Anj from Styled With Poise Top Picks:


The Phillip Lim (Pashli mini) bag and Givenchy sunglasses are both from my husband. I needed this pop of color since I love wearing black outfits. The bag goes well with the sunglasses which, are the perfect fit for the shape of my face. My mother-in-law got me this Pandora bracelet. I personally love that the bracelet is personalized. She also got me a travel sized perfume. I always carry one in my purse and it really comes in handy. The scent is not over powering, which is one of the reason why I love it! Aesop Chamomile Mask is from my best friend. It has rescued my skin from those bad break out moments. Besides using it as a mask, I also use as a spot treatment.

Lastly heres Jannelys from The Fashion Buffets favorite:


For a while, I’ve been wanting a chic pair of headphones to workout. Luckily, my boyfriend got me this gold pair from Frends. It was instant love and he made a great decision by choosing gold since it matches with my logo and style. Not to mention gold is the color of my phone and desk accessories. These are my favorite headphones now because they’re super comfortable on the ears and the sound quality is amazing. The Taylor headphones never miss in my bag. The best feature is the glittering hardware on the headphones because it adds that girly look. These headphones are convenient to store, since you can fold them very easily and place them inside the pocket it comes with.

Nat Loren Credits: Vintage hat and bag (Its Vintage Darling), Semi Precious Stone Necklace (Doreentii Fersola), Black Boot Spike Heels ( Sam Eldmen),

Anj Credits: Color Block Satchel Bag( Phillip Lim), Balck Sunglasses ( Givenchy), Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet (Pandora), Skin Mask, (Aesop Chamomile)

Jannely Credits: Taylor Headphones (Frends)

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