4 Steps to Happiness




As cliche as it sounds, the first inspiration post is very back-to-basics. Here are a few ways to finds happiness and how you can achieve it as well.

  1. Start each day with a purpose- What direction are we going in if we don’t start every day with a purpose? This is why planning out your days (yes by the hour) can be very effective and bring you a sense of peace.
  2. Find your inner happiness– This can be found by doing what you LOVE, getting back to your faith, or just finding your way of relaxing.
  3. Follow a healthy lifestyle– If you live a healthy life and create good habits you will feel good about yourself.
  4. Be positive– Look at every obstacle in your way as a hidden opportunity.

Wishing everyone a great week! XOX

 (Photography by Ashley Gonzalez)


 This list was inspired by The seven ways to find new happiness

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